Shea Technology and Sustainability Institute

Vision: Shea Process-to- Sustainability Projects in 31 countries of the Shea belt in Africa.

Training Philosophy: Domestication, Nurturing competitiveness, Innovation in Shea ecosystem for sustainability & Shea Agribusiness SMEs

i. Develop processing protocol to improve Shea processing and production.
ii. Establish Shea plantation and improve domestication.
iii. Shea zero waste management techniques.
iv. Make Shea human capacity development in curriculum of polytechnics and universities as a specialist courses 31 countries of the Shea belt in Africa.
v. Shea Deep Leaning ( Natural resources management using artificial intelligence)
vi. Shea climate-smart agriculture.

Training Programme Courses:
i. Module One – Cluster Training ii. Module Two – Shea Production Training iii. Module Three – Formulation Training iv.Module Four – Eco-Innovation Training


See details training modules available on application.