Shea Research

Vision: Research-to-Product (R2P)

Mission: The fusion of disciplines and the diffusion across disciplines.


Putting agricultural research into use in market-led context simply involves having a research system that is demand driven to create wealth and sustainability. The new approach involves multi-stakeholder networks or innovation platforms which require a change in the traditional extension services in Africa.

Innovation platforms are like business clubs and chambers of commerce, with free entry and fees exit, for economic actors in a given sector or value chain.

Each actor is in the Platform for their own economic interest, but in pursuit of that interest, it is necessary to invest time and some resources in addressing the issues that impede the development of the value chain, knowing that if the whole gets better, the respective units will be better for it, like the shea global partner

We are concerned with scientific research on the application of the scientific method, a harnessing of curiosity. Our research provides scientific information and theories for the explanation of the nature and the properties of the world around us and looking for nature for solution. It makes practical applications possible with muti-disciplinary research.

The goal of the research process is to produce new knowledge, and this is why we focus on four domains:

  • Exploratory research, which structures and identifies new problems.
  • Constructive research, which develops solutions to a problem.
  • Empirical research, which tests the feasibility of a solution using empirical evidence.
  • Crowd sourcing techniques (

Our research is centred on improving the industry where we operate, finding future challenges/problems and the solutions. We source for grants and funds from government and corporate bodies to carry out research with the aim of contributing to the success of the industry where we find ourselves.

The ARATIShea research and development agenda focuses on two primary areas:

New shea Application development

  • Shea Plastics and Compounding.
  • Shea conversion into chemicals, solvents, and fuels.
  • Nutritional value and characterization.
  • Total utilization of Shea materials for new commercial uses.
  • Shea based adhesives, resins, and composites.
  • Biofertilizer additives.
  • Nutraceutical therapies.


Improve shea Bio-processing 

  • Design and fabrication of new Shea manufacturing equipment for improved extraction 
  • Crushing, milling, extraction and processing protocols.
  • Standardized Shea quality protocols.
  • Agro-forestry and entomology.

Research & Development Services

  • Contract Research: This research focuses on transforming beginning to end, Shea bio-materials (tree, fruit, nut, butter) and derived -products into value-added commercial uses.
  • Testing and Feasibility Research: Centres on preliminary testing and feasibility studies for converting Shea materials and derived-products into value added commercial solutions.
  • Technical Consulting: Our consulting services can supply information, knowledge, and technical solutions related to the design and development of new products containing Shea and improvements in bio processing methods.